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KMARC is a signatory to the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Conditional Registration Schemes. The schemes our club is ‘enrolled’ in are the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) and Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS).

The HVS is for unmodified, stock standard, ‘as from the factory’ vehicles.

Safety items such as indicators and seat belts are able to be added to HVS without certification, as well as factory options and period accessories.

The CVS is for vehicles that have an outward appearance of a stock standard vehicle but which may have some level of modification, for example, a non-original engine, non-original seats and seatbelts, or uprated brakes.

Modifications may require an SVCCS (Engineer’s) Certificate, and all such modified vehicles are only acceptable on CVS.

Conditionally registered vehicles can be either ‘limited use’ or ‘log book use’.

Limited use means only for Club-sanctioned events (and maintenance trips close to the vehicle’s registered address, and trip to place of annual inspection), but the vehicle can be used for one-off trips provided the Club’s Registration Officer is notified and the details recorded in the Day Book.

Logbook use indicates that an RMS-supplied Logbook is applied for at the time of registration, allowing an additional 60 days annual usage of the vehicle for any purpose, (over and above Club sanctioned trips), provided the journey is recorded in the logbook. Note that multiple drivers and/or multiple trips on the same day only require a single entry to the logbook each day.

The Registered Owner of the vehicle must be a current financial member of the Club, and the vehicle’s registration current, before the vehicle can be driven on public roads. BOTH ‘conditions’ must be met, or the vehicle is technically being driven ‘unregistered and uninsured’ which can attract major Police fines.


The annual RMS ‘Conditional Registration’ fee is around $46 (vehicle dependent, based on mass), plus an initial, one-off charge of $44 for the number plate. This plate always belongs to RMS, not to the vehicle owner, nor to the Club, and is NOT transferable. So if you sell the vehicle the plate must be returned to RMS and the vehicle sold unregistered (unless you get an AUVIS report – or ‘blue slip’ and re-register the vehicle yourself on ‘full rego’ before the sale).

Note that the ‘Registration Fee’ paid to RMS *includes* Third Party Bodily Injury insurance (usually called CTP or ‘Green Slip’ insurance), so you do not need to get this separately, as you would for a normal car registration.

Please note that KMARC requires Club member’s vehicles participating in the schemes through the Club to also maintain current Third Party Property insurance (usually known as ‘Third Party’ or ‘bomb’ insurance). Vehicles covered by Fully Comprehensive Insurance are covered for this automatically.

Annual Inspections

The vehicle needs to be inspected annually for road safety purposes. 

For HVS registered vehicles this can be done either by the club Vehicle Inspectors or an E-safety Check Report (Pink Slip) obtained from an RMS Authorised Inspection Station.

For CVS registered vehicles, an E-safety Check Report (Pink Slip) must be obtained from an RMS Authorised Inspection Station.

Historic and Classic registrations are much cheaper than ‘full rego’, recognising that most car enthusiasts only use their historic vehicles for a limited mileage per annum.

If you have any additional questions they may be answered in the ‘Historic Vehicle Registration F.A.Q’s’ document in the ‘DOCUMENTS’ section of the club’s website, or by the club’s Registration Officer.

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